We bear responsibility: together and environmentally

As a future-oriented family owned business, we share responsibility for our environment. For this reason, we have been launching products focused on an extended life cycle and exceptional quality since the beginning of our company's history. With our production site in Switzerland as well as our partners in neighboring Europe, transportation distances are aimed to be kept at a minimum. This has many advantages not only for our customers and suppliers, but also for the climate.

Aware that all resources are valuable, we take a responsible approach to our raw materials. We primarily process recycled materials, which in turn can be reintegrated into the production process at the end of their life cycle and recycled for the most part.

Aluminum, for example, from which our mailboxes, window frames and metal structures are made, can be recycled an infinite number of times without the slightest loss of quality. This makes aluminum an exceptionally sustainable material compared to other metals and building products. 

Based on this, there is a good chance that your mailbox may once have been a window frame.

Our quest to constantly develop more sustainable solutions for production has led us to take recycled PET into consideration. Since the thermal insulation of fabrics made of recycled PET is comparable to other high-quality materials, we have decided to utilize recycled PET for our insulation needs wherever possible.

It's amazing: 98 recycled PET bottles are used in the insulation of a standard-sized skylight window.

This is how the calculation works: Internal dimensions of a skylight window 7.44 m (6.44 m + 1 m surcharge) x 13.2 PET bottles/m = 98 PET bottles.

With our commitment to ever increase our sustainability focus, we are nowhere near our goal, but well on the way. As a highly innovative company in search of constantly improved sustainable solutions, we keep an open mindset and continue to act consistently in a responsible manner, not only towards our customers but also towards our environment.

By the way, our responsibility for the environment is not only reflected in the development of sustainable products, we live it every day. One of our examples: In the summer months, we cool our premises with water from a nearby groundwater lake.