s: 211E

Frameless and elegant

New: Window insulation made of recycled PET

A new design means that the outer pane of outwards opening top-hung window can be made without a frame from a single piece of glass. A narrow aluminium frame bears the pane on the inside. The flush-mounted roof window can be discreetly integrated into any roof – with no protruding frame or superstructure. It can be elegantly fitted into both existing and new solar, Eternit, shingle and tile roofs. Even where access is restricted or in listed buildings. The window can also be integrated in flat roofs thanks to the roof frame from the s: 207 series.

Because we, as an innovative company, focus on sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions, we use recycled PET for our window insulation wherever possible. The durability and thermal insulation of materials made from recycled PET are comparable to conventional high-quality materials.

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