s: 211E Roof exit

Practical and elegant

New: Window insulation made of recycled PET

The s: 211E DA roof exit is a high-quality, elegant solution for making it easy to access a roof or terrace deck area in a practical yet discrete manner. The innovative design made of insulated aluminum framing allows the window casement to open as wide as 88°. The exterior pane of the double- or triple-glazed insulating glass covers the casement in a way that creates the appearance of total glass from the outside. Depending on the design, it can be set flush with the terrace deck area. For maximum lighting, the casement is also recessed discretely into the window frame on the inside. The casement is operated with automated devices that meet corresponding safety standards. Optionally, it is also possible to install an infrared safety strip plus outdoors additional waterproof switches. Our roof exit s: 211E DA is certified by ift Rosenheim (Institute for research, quality inspection and certification) as glazing accessible for cleaning (walk-on / fallthrough protection according to DIN 18008-6).

Because we, as an innovative company, focus on sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions, we use recycled PET for our window insulation wherever possible. The durability and thermal insulation of materials made from recycled PET are comparable to conventional high-quality materials.

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