Listed buildings: aesthetic and demanding

Listed and aesthetically demanding buildings call for a very discrete roof window design. Our louvre roof windows s: 201 and s: 203, fixed roof windows s: 209 and casement roof windows s: 211E are perfect for this.

Our standard cover frame, which has proven itself over the past 20 years, has undergone a ground-breaking enhancement. You can now choose between several applications:

In the new «Listed buildings» DPF model, the share of visible metal sheet has been reduced by up to 70%. The window is hereby installed deeper in the roof so that the upper tile covers the upper connecting plate. The lower cover connecting plate is covered by a row of tiles with spacers and held in place mechanically. However, this means that the battens have to coincide with the neutral point of the window.

In the «Concealed shading» VB model, the special shading in the air space (at least 90 mm) is installed between the sub-roof and upper edge of the battens. The lateral, closed shading produces a continuous plane with the tile cover or other roof skin. This concealed shading is available with the standard or DPF cover frame.